Finished Quilt

quilt progress
quilt progress
Finished quilt
Last week I finished the quilt project I started a few months ago. I absolutely loved working on it and I'm so proud of finishing it.
For a while I was just working on it in bits here and there, but in July I started getting really burnt out with work and I found working on the quilt in the evening to unwind was really helpful. Pretty much working on it was everything I hoped it would be: a way to use my hands, do something creative, and feel like I'd accomplished something solid, which I often don't get from my work, which is creative but filled with fraught decision making and a whole lot of insecurities.
I looked forward to working on it a lot, I'd just put on a podcast or audiobook and embroider for an hour or so, which actually made quite a bit of progress over the course of a few weeks. So pleasant and relaxing!

Plus now that this one is done I can using it to cover my lap while reading on cool Autumn mornings. And, I've already started on another!

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